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Buying Property Investment 101: Buying Commercial Real Estate Buying commercial real estate can be a lucrative strategy for property investors, entrepreneurs, and business owners alike. Unlike residential property investment, commercial real estate caters to many different kinds of businesses, from retail outlets to industrial warehouses. This makes it a smart investment for anyone building their real estate portfolio with the right strategy in […]
Your Strategic Guide to Flipping Houses With the continued success and popularity of HGTV-style property shows, more and more people are considering house flipping. Essentially, they buy a fixer-upper property, fit it up and make improvements, then sell for a profit. It can be a reasonably lucrative property investment strategy that can be simple enough to replicate. However, there are many […]
Buying Pros & Cons of CMHC Financing When buying a home, most people believe financing is as simple as just getting a mortgage. However, there many considerations you may want to take into account when financing real estate. Are you considering vendor financing or would you prefer to get a mortgage? Would you prefer to finance your home through a bank or […]
What is Title Insurance & Do You Need It? Buying real estate is an expensive investment. Therefore, ensuring you are protecting your investment to the best of your ability makes sense. Property insurance is one way to protect your real estate investment that most people have some familiarity with. Title insurance, however, is quite a different story.   What is Title Insurance? Title insurance […]
Real Estate Investing What is Vendor Financing in Real Estate? If you have been researching real estate investment, you have likely encountered dozens of unfamiliar terms. This is often especially true when investigating different ways of financing real estate. Of course, you could consider the conventional route and finance your home through a bank or a broker. However, exploring alternative approaches, such as vendor financing, […]
Buying Your Guide to Finding a Profitable Investment Property Making a profit in real estate investment is more complex than buying a property and collecting rent. There are many steps to take along the way to generating revenue, each with unique challenges. From renovating your investment property to finding good tenants, there’s quite a lot you’ll need to do before the money starts to […]
3 Benefits to Investing in Multi-Family Real Estate Whereas investing in the stock market can be quite unstable, as we saw earlier this year with the COVID-19 pandemic, real estate investing is often considered a much safer expenditure for added revenue potential. It allows the financier not only to have the potential of a more hands-on involvement with their investment, but it can […]
Buying Short-Term vs Long-Term Rentals: The Pros & Cons Making the decision to invest in Saskatchewan real estate comes with the question of whether you would like to invest in a short term or long term rental.  While traditional-long term rentals are often the first that come to mind, the savvy investor considers both, realizing there are real advantages to both short and long-term […]
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